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Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling SD-WAN

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling SD-WAN

The Future of SD-WAN. Today.

Cato Networks provides organizations with a cloud-based and secure global SD-WAN. Cato delivers an integrated networking and security platform that securely connects all enterprise locations, people, and data. Cato Cloud cuts MPLS costs, improves performance between global locations and to cloud applications, eliminates branch appliances, provides secure Internet access everywhere, and seamlessly integrates mobile users and cloud datacenters into the WAN.

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Free, online, and on-demand, Cato sales enablement course is you’re portal to learn how we disrupt the $60B managed network services market. We’ve created partner enablement content, both videos and whitepapers, that will simply make you a better trusted advisor for your customers:

  • Networking challenges
  • Competitive Intelligence
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  • Security as a Service
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Global Backbone, SD-WAN, Firewall as a Service, Software-defined Perimeter; All-in-One

The rise of cloud applications and the mobile workforce is changing the shape of business and legacy network traffic patterns. The Wide Area Network (WAN) and network security appliances were built to connect and secure static and physical locations, and are incompatible with today’s business needs.

Cato Cloud connects all the enterprise resources, including branches, mobile users, and physical and cloud data centers, into a global, secure, and optimized SD-WAN. Cato Cloud is comprised of two complementary layers:

Cato Cloud Network: A global, geographically distributed, SLA-backed network of 40+ PoPs, interconnected by multiple tier-1 carriers. Enterprises connect to Cato using the Cato Socket SD-WAN device via any last mile transport (Internet, MPLS, 4G/LTE).

Cato Security Services: A suite of enterprise-grade and agile network security capabilities, directly built into the network including a next gen firewall/VPN, Secure Web Gateway, Advanced Threat Prevention, Cloud and Mobile Access Protection and Network Forensics.

By using Cato, enterprises can:

  • Cut MPLS connectivity costs by augmenting or replacing MPLS services with SD-WAN solutions that deliver last mile optimization and SLA-backed global backbone.
  • Improve performance between enterprise global locations using Cato’s SLA- backed backbone.
  • Securely access the Internet everywhere, without deploying on-premises firewalls.
  • Eliminate distributed networking and security appliances, and the cost and complexity of buying, deploying, upgrading and patching them.
  • Enforce a unified policy across remote locations, mobile users, and physical and cloud infrastructure.
  • Strengthen security posture with agile cloud-based security services that can scale to support any traffic mix and rapidly adapt to emerging threats.