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Welcome to the Sales Lab! The Sales Lab is the place where you can come to find the tools and insights you need to grow your business. Learn the Top 3 Mistakes Sales Partners are making when selling certain technologies and how to avoid them, get the 5 Questions you should be asking to open up more opportunities with our Supplier Partners and the most common Cloud Objections and how to bust them. Armed with these unique insights you will be able to approach any deal with confidence, knowing you are prepared for whatever challenges may arise. The more ammo in your arsenal the better chance you have of closing your next cloud deal and increasing your bottom line.

Are you seeing your cloud opportunities stall? You might be making some of the most common mistakes when talking to your customers. In our 3 Mistakes video series, watch the world’s leading cloud experts break down the Top 3 Mistakes Sales Partners make when selling a variety of technologies. Hear straight from our Suppliers as they reveal what they see most and how you can avoid these common pitfalls to win bigger deals.

What is the key to uncovering more opportunities with your customers? Asking the right questions. In our 5QiQ video series you will learn the Top 5 Questions you should be asking your customer to uncover specific opportunities across a multitude of scenarios, technologies and verticals. Each video comes equipped with a PDF Guide which breaks down what you see in the 5QIQ videos, delivering targeted sales questions and quick sales reference points.

According to The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon, “Most initial objections are fake or not important”. Many customers are hesitant to move to the cloud due to a number of preconceived beliefs which can hinder the progress of any cloud deal, unless you know what to do. Understanding how to handle cloud objections your customers bring to the table is of upmost importance. In our Objection Busters video series, you will learn how to destroy the most common cloud objections, from hosted VoIP, cost myths, data protection to MPLS, security, wireless and more!

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What’s driving your cloud business case? Understand how COST, QoS (Quality of Service), AGILITY, PRODUCTIVITY and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY all factor in cloud adoption and migration use cases.