Wireless/IoT Solutions Professional

The accelerated growth of cloud applications is driving demand for always-on connectivity. Gartner forecasts 20.4 billion connected devices in the world by 2020. Wireless will be a component of every business network in the next 3 years. By 2021, estimated IoT revenue opportunities will grow to just under $1 trillion.

Complete the Wireless/IoT Solutions Professional Certification and learn:

  • The basics of wireless and IoT technology and how they fit into an overall business and network strategy.
  • The different types of equipment and key features in order to identify client opportunities.
  • How to identify what technical resources are available for solution design.
  • How to understand customer business needs and goals, identify wireless and IoT opportunities, and provide deliverable results.
  • Offer existing customers more connectivity options and approach new opportunities in new verticals.

This certification track will position your business as the go-to wireless and IoT expert on new technologies. Discover how to take advantage of the accelerating market, add new revenue streams and provide valuable resources in a complex market to business owners.

Certification Track

01. Wireless

  • History of Wireless
  • Satellite
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Wireless
  • Matrix Technology Metrics
  • International Domestic

02. Equipment

  • Equipment
  • Equipment Applications

03. IoT

  • What is IoT?
  • Types of Sensors
  • IoT Transport
  • IoT Dashboard

04. Deploying Wireless

  • Backup for Everyone
  • SD-WAN
  • Verticals
  • Verticals Construction

05. Wrap Up

  • Wrap Up