UK Telecom Solutions Professional

This course is for UK Sales Partners and for those looking to gain knowledge about the UK Telecom industry. Some elements of this course are also featured in our USA Telecom Solutions Professional course. Therefore, if you have already completed the USA course you may find some sections marked as complete.

The telecommunications industry is a fascinating one, constantly changing and evolving at a lightning pace. It can also be a quagmire of acronyms and technologies and players that can confuse customers and sales professionals alike. This professional certification track is designed to introduce new channel sales pros into this space and begin laying the foundation for becoming a trusted telecom solutions expert. Starting with the basics of the history of telecom and the architecture of the PSTN and moving to local loop technologies and premise-based solutions, this course then dives deeper into access technologies, from DSL and T1 to Ethernet and Fiber.

This certification wraps up with important introductions to the Internet, Wide Area Networking, MPLS, data center and, finally, cloud and network security. Recipients of this certification will gain a solid understanding of the key technologies that are driving customer decisions and solutions today.

Certification Track

01. Telecom Solutions Professional UK Intro

  • Telecom Solutions Professional Intro UK

02. Telephony 101

  • History of Telecom – UK
  • PSTN Architecture
  • Analog to Digital
  • Local Loop Technologies – UK
  • Premise Based Technologies
  • PBX/Key System Solutions – UK

03. Access 101

  • Cable – UK
  • DSL – UK
  • T1 – UK
  • PRI – UK
  • Ethernet – UK
  • Fiber – UK
  • ISDN

04. Data 101

  • Intro to IP – UK
  • SIP Trunking Solutions – UK
  • Basic Hosted VoIP
  • Intro to WAN
  • Private Line – UK
  • MPLS – UK
  • Intro to Internet – UK
  • VPN
  • Intro to Data Center – UK
  • Intro to Cloud – UK
  • Intro to Network Security – UK

05. UK Regulatory Issues 101

  • UK Regulatory Issues