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Double or triple your cloud close rate. Attend the channel’s most effective and exclusive cloud sales professional training: Super9

“My awareness of sales as it pertains to cloud solutions has skyrocketed. The support I’ve gotten through Super9 has had a huge impact on my ability to close cloud sales.”
Tricia Ward, Onward Communications

Watch How Super9 Helped 9 Sales Partners Grow Their Cloud Businesses by 95% in 5 Short Months

Cloud has dictated a change in the way customers are buying. Super9 teaches you what, why and how to shift from the consultative sales process to a new cloud sales model, and provides actionable tips and methodology that, if adopted, will transform your cloud business, along with ongoing touchpoints, training and accountability, to ensure that the “Super9 Effect” doesn’t cease when you leave the event.
Whether you’re an experienced telecom agent already capitalizing on a recurring revenue model or a VAR looking to cloud to help pivot and transition your business, Super9 is transformative. It’s groundbreaking. It’s actionable.
All the greatest athletes and business leaders in the world have a coach. Super9 gives you a team of coaches, all focused on making you the very best cloud solution professional your customers could ever need.
Super9 is a strategic combination of in-person and virtual cloud sales focused training that leverages industry experts, peer collaboration, and real-life application. Super9 relies on metrics and accountability, hand-holding, peer review, one-on-one leadership, role playing and industry best practices, all rolled into a mastermind group the likes of which the channel has never seen.


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