Super9 is transformative. It’s groundbreaking. It’s actionable, real-life applicable cloud sales training.

Super9 is a three-day intensive cloud training program, followed by an ongoing monthly peer group component and regular touch points with the Intelisys Cloud & Complex Bids team. The program provides cloud business development skills, education, coaching and resources at a standard never before offered in the channel.

Super9 takes cloud training to the next level. Attendees that obtain Super9 certification have received the best of the best in cloud training—with real life, actionable steps—and are guided and coached by elite cloud minds at Intelisys, as well as the top cloud providers in the world.

The training helps channel sales professionals provide customers with first-class insights into cloud services, and dramatically increases the probability of closing larger, more complex cloud deals.

The first Super9 training was launched in April 2016, with a group of nine handpicked Intelisys Sales Partners from nine different regions across the US.

There are four different Super9 event types.


The foundational Super9 program consists of three-days of intensive cloud compute technical and sales methodology training, which is followed by an ongoing monthly peer group component and regular touch points with the Intelisys Solutions Engineering Team for a minimum of 12 months.

Super9 Convergence

Super9 Convergence is a three-day education conference where Super9 alum and their teams can gather for education, tech deep dives, peer group meetings, and networking. It is designed to bring the Intelisys and ScanSource Partner communities together, converging around the central theme of accelerating the growth of our Sales Partners’ cloud business.

Super9 Intensive

Subject-matter deep dives that will tackle the lucrative and tricky CCaaS and Security markets first, readying and enabling attendees to confidently identify, position and close big deals in the cloud contact center or security space.

Super9 Sales Boot Camp

A two-week intensive new-hire sales training course, designed to help Sales Partners rapidly build productive channel sales teams.

Building a successful cloud practice is hard work. Super9 lasts far beyond the initial training.

One week after the inaugural 2016 Super9 event ended, one graduate secured a 450 seat call center opportunity, resulting in a $75,000 MRR deal, thanks to one simple technique learned through the Super9 curriculum.

A mere five months after the initial Super9 training, all of the companies these first nine Sales Partners represent increased their cloud orders by 60 percent.

Another 2016 Super9 graduate closed the single largest site count sale in one Intelisys Super9 Supplier’s history, bringing the Sales Partner’s company to within $50,000 of being a Gold Partner in under a year with Intelisys, and just weeks after attending the Super9 training.

The success of Super9 since its launch has been nothing short of groundbreaking. Inaugural members have dubbed their victories the “Super9 Effect” after closing several large, complex deals as a direct result of the training.

The Super9 program is available exclusively to Intelisys Sales Partners and ScanSource Resellers. Learn more about becoming an Intelisys Sales Partner HERE.

One of the key requirements to be considered for the program is to complete five levels of self-paced cloud training offered through Intelisys Cloud Services University, prior to attending a Super9 event:

  1. Telecom Solutions Professional
  2. Cloud Computing Solutions Professional
  3. Advanced Data Networking Solutions Professional
  4. UCaaS Solutions Professional
  5. Network & Data Security Professional

Each attendee must be able to travel to the Super9 training location during the specified training dates.

Super9 Foundation, Intensive or VAR

Super9 is offered to successful applicants at no cost (at a value of $4,500), and includes all meals, course materials, ongoing education, access to Cloud Services Team, participation in an exclusive peer group, and more. Travel and accommodation costs are at the expense of the attendee.

Super9 Convergence

Super9 Convergence is offered to Super9 alumni at no cost. A Super9 Alumni is classified as someone who has attended a Super9 Foundational, VAR or Intensive. If the only Super9 they have attended is Super9 Convergence, that does not classify one as an alumni. For Non-Super9 Alumni there is a $500 registration fee. Travel and accommodation costs are at the expense of the attendee.

Successful Super9 applicants will be placed into groups of nine members that best meets their needs and dynamics, and teamed up with participating Supplier Partners. Each Super9 member will have access to all participating Supplier Partners during the training. Super9 peer groups are designed to place non-competitive Sales Partners / Resellers together, to foster and enable true transparency, accountability and support.

Each group of nine members commits to participation in a guided peer group, both during the three-day training and by phone in monthly group call meetings after the training, solidifying the curriculum and making the lessons learned true game changers.

Super9 member collaboration within the peer group is also greatly encouraged outside of the group meetings—members build relationships and hold themselves accountable as they share their successes and challenges.

“The importance of the peer group has been so critical,” says Catherine Lazarock, founder of Symplicity Communications, an inaugural Super9 member. “After Super9, your head is spinning, and you’ve got all this knowledge. You just need someone to commiserate or someone to celebrate a success that you’ve had. The way I’ve used my peer group is when I’ve had a challenge, I’ve thrown it out to my Super9 buddies. I’ve actually had some tools given to me that helped me open a 2,500-seat opportunity. I was given a template that would take my customer from premise to hosted. I would not have looked as prepared if my peer hadn’t shared that tool. We look at each other as mentors.”

Six Super9 trainings will be held in 2018. The educational portion of each Super9 training lasts 3 days.

February 2018: Super9 Intensive – CCaaS
Location: Miami Beach, FL

March 2018: Super9 Convergence
Location: New Orleans, LA

May 2018: Super9
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

September 2018: Super9 Sales Boot Camp
Location: Boston, MA

November 2018: Super9 Intensive – Security 
Location: Petaluma, CA

Dates TBD: Super9 Sales Boot Camp
Location: Petaluma, CA

Simply complete the application survey HERE.

Each Super9 group will participate in three days of intensive, hands-on education and collaboration. To maximize investments and efforts, we will run back-to-back Super9 events in each scheduled location. The first group will arrive on a Sunday, participating in a social gathering that first evening, and diving into the education content first thing Monday morning. Training will continue all day Monday, all day Tuesday, and will conclude with a half-day session on Wednesday. The second group will begin training on Wednesday afternoon for a half-day session, then continue with two full days of education on Thursday and Friday. Group dinners will take place in the evenings.

Super9, Super9 Intensive and Super9 Sales Boot Camp are all selection based events. If selected for 2018 Super9 participation, you will attend one 3-day event, and will participate in monthly peer group calls following your event.

Super9 Convergence is open to those who would like to attend.

Yes, it is possible that more than one representative from a single Sales Partner business could be eligible to attend a Super9 session, though they would not be placed in the same Super9 group.

As Super9 events take place throughout the year, there is no single deadline. The application will remain open, and we will maintain a waitlist between sessions.