Network & Data Security Professional

Our world is more connected today than ever before, and with that comes tremendous risk. Your customer’s data and intellectual property are vulnerable and businesses are in jeopardy.

Customers are demanding answers and are hungry for help in designing network & data security strategies that can protect them from these enormous and evolving threats. Learn what the big issues are and the complexities around protecting against a constantly shifting enemy.

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need around compliance and the regulatory demands being put on your customer’s IT strategy. Be in a position to design security and compliancy strategies that will help you win.

Certification Track

01. History of Security

  • Before the Great Firewall
  • The Creation of the Firewall
  • Beyond the Firewall
  • History of Hacking, Viruses, and Data Breaches
  • Current Trends and Attack Vectors, Cost of Data Loss
  • Real Life Stories (Target, JP Morgan, etc.)

02. Security 101

  • People and Process
  • Physical Security
  • Content Filtering, Web Security, Email Security

03. Compliance

  • PCI: What is PCI, What makes a network or Cloud PCI Compliant
  • HIPAA: What is HIPAA, What makes a network or Cloud HIPAA Compliant

04. Solutions

  • Active & Passive Security Appliances
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)