Cloud Computing Solutions Professional

The Channels are converging. Competition is increasing. Differentiation for your Cloud expertise is critical to revenue growth.


What You’ll Learn

Go deep on the cloud technologies that are driving these phenomena. Understand the Cloud from every key angle. Virtualization strategies. Big Data. Application Management. Desktop-as-a-Service. Data Migration strategies. Cloud Storage Architectures.

Learn what the different types of clouds there are and what workloads make sense where. Gain the knowledge you need to be the voice of clarity for your customers. Stand out amongst your peers as you start to win big deals in this exciting new frontier.

Certification Tracks

Here’s the complete list of certification tracks in the course. Don’t miss out on this telecom content.

01. Cloud Computing 101

  • History of Compute
  • The Network Operating System
  • Intro to Cloud – The Drivers
  • Cloud Building Blocks
  • Cloud Players & Trends

02. Cloud Delivery Models

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • IT-as-a-Service/Cloud Outsourcing
  • Data Migration

03. Applications 101

  • Edge Compute Alternatives
  • SaaS
  • Online Course
  • Database Architectures & Big Data
  • Application Development

04. Storage Architectures

  • Types, Strategies & Players

05. Virtualization 101

  • Hypervisor Defined

06. DaaS 101

  • Intro to DaaS/VDI
  • The Players – Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft RDP

07. Cloud Architectures

  • Public
  • Private & Hybrid

08. BCDR Strategies

  • Developing a BCDR Plan

09. Cloud Economics

  • TCO Modeling

10. Cloud Computing Solutions – Suppliers

  • Suppliers – Cloud Computing Solutions
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