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    Is moving a customer from traditional wireline services to the cloud always the best option?

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    Not necessarily, if a customer has just invested a ton of money in premise based architecture or infrastructure (servers, storage, switcher/router equipment, licenses etc.) it is not likely that you are going to be able to convince them to rip that all out and move it to the cloud. That being said, they could be a great candidate for cloud services in a few short years based on the technology refresh cycle.

    There could also be a situation where a customer has high sensitivity around compliance and security. The customer could have trouble getting their end users comfortable that their technology is cloud based. A hybrid approach may be better served here.

    It really depends on the customer but the primary thing to focus on is staying flexible and customizing solutions that meet their requirements.

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    Gary C

    Nope. It all depends on the financial drivers of the organization you’re selling to. Understanding their Financial objectives will define if Cloud really is the best choice. Here are some qualifying questions to use when determining their financial preferences:

    • Does the cloud based model (op ex v cap ex) fit their budget?
    • Do we know contract terms, end of life and maintenance terms of existing solutions?
    • Are their current costs perceived to be too low to accommodate a cloud-based solution?

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    Brandon K

    YES, ALWAYS and OF COURSE! But – I’m going to add one word to your question which will change my answer. And the word is NOW. So if your question is, Is moving a customer from traditional wireline service to the cloud NOW is the best option then the answer would be ‘It depends’

    Moving from traditional premises based equipment to cloud technology is the right thing for everyone simply based on where technology overall is going. The real question is not one of IF but When is it right for each customer and that is based on several factors. Financial structure, existing equipment, desired outcomes, current contracts, appetite for change..just to name a few. For these and many reasons it is imperative to have a knowledgeable sales partner lead a customer through this process. But the end goal should always be to deliver the best possible, flexible solution over the long haul which arguably would be a cloud solution.

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