Is CCaaS an option if a PBX was recently purchased?

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    My client just bought a PBX, is CCaaS even an option for them?

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    Brandon K

    Absolutely. Almost all of the true CCaaS options have ‘overlay’ capabilities. Which means they can bolt onto or interface well with an existing PBX. Some of the CCaaS players even have preferred vendors and built in connections with many of the key PBX providers.

    Best option, of course, is to purchase a CCaaS solution with a built-in PBX. But when that is not an option, there are several great choices for add on CCaaS solutions.

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    Gary C

    At Evolve IP, we can overlay Contact Center or can deliver a fully integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution at a cost that’s comparable (and sometimes even more cost effective) than a standard “over the top” CCaaS solution. We’ve got a session coming up on December 14th if you’re interested in learning more…

    Save the Date – Training: Evolve Contact Suite
    Earlier this year Evolve IP announced the release of Evolve Contact Suite (ECS), a comprehensive multi-channel solution for our award-winning contact center offering. The ECS delivers significant new capabilities and customizable, integrated tools that contact center managers need to create outstanding customer experiences, optimize agent productivity and drive insight-based business intelligence decisions. On December 14th, Rich Fox, Evolve IP’s VP of Contact Center Solutions, will be giving training on the Evolve Contact Suite.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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