How can I start a UCaaS conversation?

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    What is the easiest way to open the UCaaS conversation with my customers?

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    Brandon K

    To me UCaaS and CCaaS conversations should all start the same way…What is the current customer interaction experience vs what is the desired customer interaction experience.

    For UCaaS simply ask “How can customers contact you for products and services?” HTe answers tells you the phone capabilities and options, if web or chat is available, email and sms. All with one simple question. And if the person you are asking is an operational user and not in IT, you will also get the pain points : )

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    Gary C

    These days, UCaaS is about as mainstream as the iPhone. It’s easy to sell once you uncover an opportunity for a new phone system. The challenge is not how to set up the UCaaS conversation, it’s how to set up the next “cloud” conversation with the same customer. Consider this the next time you’ve got a UCaaS opportunity:

    So, we’ve identified an opportunity to upgrade or replace your phone system. There are lots of options out there, so let’s figure out which one is best for you. Moving a phone system to the cloud is usually the first technology most businesses move to the outsourced or “As a Service” model, but it’s usually not the last. We’ve got a lot of potential UC providers that we can introduce you to but if you’ve got other plans to move things like Data Backup, Servers, DR, Desktops, or Help Desk, we’d like to expose you to those vendors that do more than just phones.
    Have you given a lot of thought to what other technologies you would ultimately like to consider for the cloud or the “As a Service” business model?

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