How are DaaS and Cloud Computing related?

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    Is DaaS cloud computing? How are the two related?

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    DaaS and Cloud Computing are absolutely related. I always use the following definition for Cloud. 1) Its not here. 2) Its as a service. 3) Its outsourcing. DaaS is all 3 of these things. The core technology runs in a supplier’s data center…it no longer runs on hardware down the hall in a closet. Its also provided as a subscription-based, as-a-service model, one monthly price per user…buy what you need. And lastly, the day-to-day management and break-fix tasks of maintaining desktops is now provided by the supplier. DaaS solves huge problems for customers. We’re seeing lots of traction with DaaS. Evolve IP, Matrix, RapidScale, Navisite.

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    Gary C

    I love Andrew’s response. When I think of Cloud Computing, I think of 5 categories: IaaS (Infrastructure/Servers), DaaS (Desktops/VDI), ITaaS (IT as a Service/Help Desk/Managed IT), DRaaS (Disaster Recovery/Data Backup), and finally SaaS (Software/O365). When you think about all 5 of these, they fit Andrew’s definition:

    1. They are not on Premise
    2. They are all delivered “As a Service”
    3. They are all completely outsourced

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    Brian Leonard

    This confused me for the longest time too. DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is technically considered a silo under IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) because it involves moving CPU, RAM, and storage to the cloud. When desktops are virtualized and managed on-premises, it’s referred to as “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure” or VDI (VARs know it as VDI more than DaaS). When its move to the cloud it can be considered “Cloud VDI” and it can technially still be managed by the IT staff. When this cloud VDI is then managed by a third party, it becomes “managed cloud VDI” or Desktop as a Service.

    RapidScale has built its business specializing in DaaS with both Citrix and VMWare. Let us know if we can help you answer any questions on qualifying opportunities or communicating with your customers or prospects on DaaS.

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