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John H

The answer to this question will vary somewhat between the various SD-WAN vendors and how they’ve built their architecture. Here at Bigleaf Networks, we’ve invested in our own Gateway network in major peering centers across the U.S. for end-to-end control of Cloud-based traffic. And our onsite router always sits outside of the customer’s existing firewall for easy self-install (5 to 10 min. install is typical). Our major focus area are:

1. Customers leveraging Cloud-based applications, such as Hosted VoIP, Virtual Desktop, AWS, Azure, SaaS, Office 365, etc.

2. Customers that want to run site-to-site VPNs as a replacement or alternative to MPLS or Private connections

3. Customers that want to build carrier and physical diversity into their Internet environment with intelligent load-balancing, bi-directional QoS prioritization and seamless failover.

Other SD-WAN vendors that replace firewalls and don’t have Cloud Gateway equipment tend to focus more on site-to-site hub & spoke or full-mesh networks by either load-balancing between MPLS/Private circuits and Internet circuits for a “hybrid WAN”, or replacing MPLS/private circuits with VPNs set up on their own equipment.

Hope this helps! We’re always happy get further into the weeds on SD-WAN technology and use-cases through personalized workshops. Reach out to us anytime at