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Gary C

You can be confident that some time in the next 12 months, there is an IT project that your
customer or prospect:
• Does not have enough time to get done
• Does not have the internal resources to complete
• Does not have the budget to do

To that end, here’s a great conversation starter:

What other IT projects do you either have in your plan or that you want to do in the next 12
months but don’t have the time, budget or staff to do?
• Do you plan to deploy Virtual Desktops or Desktop as a Service?
• Do you plan to implement Offsite Server Virtualization?
• Do you have a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plan?
• Do you plan to use Off-Site Cloud Back up?
• Do you plan to integrate Office 365 or Google Apps?
• Do you have a BYOD or Mobility plan?
• Do you plan to outsource Help Desk/Managed IT?
• Do you plan to deploy Mobile Device Management (MDM)?
• Do you have any Compliance Needs?
• Do you plan on any new Software Deployments?