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Building a successful cloud practice is hard work. The Advanced Cloud Methodology Expert certification track is an outstanding way to immerse yourself in the Super9 training and will give you a number of key takeaways and actionable steps to improve your cloud practice. But unlike the online course, Super9 is fully interactive and lasts far beyond the initial training.

One week after the inaugural 2016 Super9 event ended, one graduate secured a 450 seat call center opportunity, resulting in a $75,000 MRR deal, thanks to one simple technique learned through the Super9 curriculum. A mere five months after the initial Super9 training, all of the companies these first nine Sales Partners represent increased their cloud orders by 60 percent. Another 2016 Super9 graduate closed the single largest site count sale in one Intelisys Super9 Supplier’s history, bringing the Sales Partner’s company to within $50,000 of being a Gold Partner in under a year with Intelisys, and just weeks after attending the Super9 training.

The success of Super9 since its launch has been nothing short of groundbreaking. Inaugural members have dubbed their victories the “Super9 Effect” after closing several large, complex deals as a direct result of the training. Super9 is unique because it is structured to become habit forming and part of your business. It’s not something you can learn and leave behind.