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Shane S

In our humble opinion, Call Center refers to your standard inbound, voice-only queuing where you have more callers than you have people to answer them. Call Center is typically associated with this message… “Your call is important to us and will be answered in the order it was received”.

When we start thinking about Contact Center, the first thing to consider is the medium. Modern Contact Centers are set up to handle voice, chat, email, SMS, Social Media, and web callback, which offers your customers an unprecedented opportunity to serve their customers.

Second, Call Center offers a standard set of reports whereas Contact Center is designed to deliver real time reporting and business intelligence in order to integrate analytics across customer engagement tools like CRM which enables the ability to uncover key insights designed to deliver real business value.

Third, Contact Center is designed to improve Agent performance through advanced management features including: call recording, screen capture recordings, live call listening, whisper coaching and quality management scorecards.

Fourth, Contact Center is designed to provide extensibility via your existing CRM and Messaging applications by allowing a simple integration through standards-based APIs to virtually any business application.

There are so many more differences in designing work flows, advanced call routing, management, coaching, and automated surveys and scripting to round out the key differences between Call Center vs. Contact Center. I would encourage you to download Evovle IP’s Evolve Contact Suite Data Sheet here.