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Gary C

Unfortunately no and we wish it were that simple, but HIPAA regulations go way beyond just technology and seek to govern all aspects pertaining to the protection of Patient Health Information (PHI). Case in point, a nurse leaves a patient record open on the front desk that other patients could see would also represent a HIPAA violation that no technology provider can fix. With that said, Evolve IP offers a lot of resources to guide Medical professionals, IT Executives, and Compliance officers towards full HIPAA compliance, a few of which we’ll add to this post.

Achieving HIPAA Compliance With Evolve IP’s Compliance Cloud.

As it pertains to what we all do as sales partners, the cloud promises major benefits for healthcare organizations including lower costs, business continuity and disaster recovery. For many organizations however, HIPAA compliance rules have limited the ability of organizations to leverage hosted services like disaster recovery, virtualization, call recording and unified communications. In order for Medical organizations to truly take advantage of the cloud they must find a cloud services provider that extends their healthcare organization’s compliance into a HIPAA certified, HITRUST audited, hosted environment. Evolve IP offers a number of solutions that are both HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified. HITRUST CSF goes way beyond HIPAA and provides a single, harmonized, and rigorous control framework that ensures that all of the company’s cloud computing and cloud communications services adhere to the strictest security standards for electronic protected health information (PHI).

Bring Evolve IP to your Medical prospects, you certainly won’t be disappointed!