3 Keys to Crush Your Competitors

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and also increase your revenue? Do you want to completely blow your competitors away? We have 3 key strategies that you can follow to do just that. We’ll walk through how to stand out to your clients and make your business a no brainer solution for them to choose.

Key #1: Don’t Let Carriers Introduce New VAR Relationships

Your client is having an issue with their internet service provider. They contact the carrier directly as they attempt to resolve the problem. After some basic troubleshooting steps, they determine the issue is hardware related. The client needs to replace their router. This isn’t something the carrier will assist with, but instead they say, “Hey, I’ve got a guy you’ve got to talk to. He’ll be able to get this working for you.” Now, your client is working with one of your competitors instead of with you.

Don’t let this situation occur! Don’t make your clients deal with vendors. Instead, have them go to you to solve both their connectivity and equipment needs. Offer them a complete solution. If you provide their carrier services, their first step would have been to contact you. The client would have never gone down the path towards your competitor. Additionally, your clients will be happier if they don’t have to spend time identifying which vendor handles which issue.

If you don’t provide the services they need, and they’re forced to seek out other vendors, they may find that one of your competitors is willing to offer them a complete solution so they can avoid this scenario in the future. Don’t get into this situation, don’t require them to even need to seek out any extra support. Being able to assist your clients with equipment, carrier services, and cloud services is the ultimate win for both you and your clients.

Key #2: Get Your Foot in the Door with Carrier Services

Every modern business relies on carrier services, whether it’s local, long distance, and toll-free phone services or internet connectivity. And for the majority of businesses, it’s been years since they have re-evaluated carrier prices and options.

When you’re meeting with a potential client, ask questions about their existing carrier services. Can you provide them with services at a lower rate? Can you provide services with better reliability? Can you provide increased internet speeds and better call quality? These services are essential to daily business and most clients would be happy to hear how you can optimize these offerings for them.

Not only are carrier services a great way to get your foot in the door, but they also create a stickier customer. When clients buy carrier services through you such as phone and internet connectivity, they are more likely to stay with you as a long-term client.

Key #3: Reduce Risk by Offering Carrier Services Through a Technology Services Distributor

Building relationships with suppliers and meeting various sales quotas can be a difficult task. You don’t want to compromise your recommendations to meet quotas. A simple way to get around this is to work with a Technology Services Distributor (TSD), such as Intelisys, to offer carrier services.

When you work with a TSD, you can provide your client with services from any supplier in their portfolio. You aren’t limited to the one or two vendors you have an existing relationship with. Additionally, you don’t have quotas to meet because the TSD is already doing that for you.

Furthermore, when you work with a TSD to offer these services, they have the leverage to hold the suppliers accountable. That way, when there’s an issue with your client’s connectivity, the supplier will respond faster and do a better job.

These 3 strategies will establish a relationship with your clients that will far surpass what your competitors can offer. Not only will your clients be happier, your business will grow.

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