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About iCSU

Founded in December 1994, Intelisys is widely regarded as the industry’s leading Technology Services Distributor of telecommunications network services in the Channel.

The company has built a solid reputation with its Sales Partners, Supplier Partners, and end-user customers as a successful and high integrity company to do business with.

Today, Intelisys is focused on empowering the independent sales channel by assisting business telecom customers in making informed choices about services, technology, and cost savings. Intelisys delivers the best carrier neutral solutions to end-user customers through an elite nationwide network of telecom sales and consulting professionals. Intelisys developed Intelisys Cloud Services University to help its sales partners become industry subject matter experts.

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Certifications: Your Curriculum For Cloud Sales Success

Master Agency Training: 6 Certifications

Intelisys Cloud Services University provides vendor-neutral, cloud education program designed by Intelisys and industry experts. Intelisys provides industry-leading training for sales agents who are looking to enhance their knowledge of their specific niche. Agents can be certified in the following areas:

The telecommunications industry is a fascinating one.  Constantly changing and evolving at a lightning pace.  It can also be a  quagmire of acronyms and technologies and players that can confuse customers and sales professionals alike.  This professional certification track is designed to introduce a new professional into this space and begin laying the foundation for becoming a trusted telecom solutions expert.  Starting with the basics of the History of Telecom and the architecture of the PSTN and moving to local loop technologies and premise-based solutions.  Then going deeper on access technologies from DSL and T1 to Ethernet and Fiber.  This certification wraps up with important introductions to the Internet, Wide Area Networking, MPLS, Data Center and finally Cloud and Network Security.  Recipients of this certification will leave with a solid understanding of the key technologies that are driving customer decisions and solutions today. – AVAILABLE TODAY!

The Cloud is changing everything.  There is tons of information, but even more confusion.  Go deep on the Cloud technologies that are driving this phenomena.  Understand the Cloud from every key angle.  Virtualization strategies.  Big Data.  Application Management.  Desktop-as-a-Service.  Data Migration strategies.  Cloud Storage architectures.  Learn what the different types of clouds there are and what workloads make sense where.  Gain the knowledge you need to be the voice of clarity for your customers.  Stand out amongst your peers as you start to win big deals in this exciting new frontier.  – AVAILABLE TODAY!

Unified Communications is where the next generation phone system is headed, and the as-a-service model is exactly what has one the day.  Recipients of this certification will stand out as UCaaS experts.  Understand the core elements of a carrier’s cloud architecture including softswitch and SBC and media gateway technologies.  How do service delivery methods make a difference?  Learn how to design solutions that wrap in messaging and video and the ever-exploding world of mobility.  Gain the knowledge you need to break into the lucrative Contact Center space and see how big data and multi-channel is changing the way Contact Centers are being built.  Capture this valuable knowledge and start closing monster UCaaS deals in the cloud. – AVAILABLE TODAY!

With the Telecom Solutions Professional certification under your belt, its time to go deeper into the world of Data Networking.  Here you will learn the about the technologies driving LAN/WAN internetworking.  Understand the role or routing, switching and IP addressing in the network.  Start to grasp the concepts around server architectures and content delivery networks.  Glimpse the future of where Software Defined Networking is taking our industry, and get the knowledge you need to building winning Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions.  This is where you start to separate yourself from the telcom generalist and start to stand out as a network guru. –  AVAILABLE TODAY!

Our world is more connected today than ever before, and with that comes tremendous risk.  Your customer’s data, intellectual property is vulnerable and businesses are in jeopardy.  Customers are demanding answers and are hungry for help in designing network & data security strategies that can protect them from these enormous and evolving threats.  Learn what the big issues are and the complexities around protecting against a constantly shifting enemy.  Equip yourself with the knowledge you need around compliance and the regulatory demands being put on your customer’s IT strategy.  Be in a position to design security and compliance strategies that will help you win.  – Available Now!

Today’s IT leader is faced with enormous challenges and complexities.  They are in a rapidly changing world that is placing demands on IT never seen before. Successful companies of every shape and size are recognizing they are all in the technology business and are relying on IT as a strategic asset and advantage.  Companies that continue to view IT as simply an expense item are struggling to keep pace.  Recipients of this certificate will have a strong appreciation of the business side of IT and the tough decisions IT leaders have to make everyday.  You will become a go-to resource for your customer as they attempt to build their own IT strategies.  Gain the knowledge you need to start having the conversations that will get you a seat at that table.  – COMING SOON!



What’s driving your Cloud business case?

Understand how COST, QoS (Quality of Service), AGILITY, PRODUCTIVITY and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY all factor in Cloud adoption and migration use cases.